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Marshmallow Experiment

Posted on February 26, 2020 at 10:20 AM

In 1960, at Stanford University, an experiment with some four-to- six-year-old children took place. Each child was given one marshmallow on a plate. They were told that if they ate the marshmallow right away it would be okay, but if they waited for fifteen minutes, as a reward, they would get two marshmallows.

The researchers noticed that most of the children could not wait for the second marshmallow. But some kids did. Then the researchers tracked the progress of those kids in life. Years later, they were amazed to see that the children who managed to delay their gratification had much higher SAT scores, better Body Mass Index, and overall greater life success compared to the kids who pursued instant gratification. Even many years later they found that, in general, the kids who resisted their urges for the future reward became more professionally competent and successful than the other group!

Of course, this has nothing to do with eating two marshmallows and thereby becoming successful. It is the self-control of holding one back from instant reward and the willpower to focus on future gain gave them the extra edge in life. All the successful people on earth had to practice this sacrifice of instant benefit to obtain higher level of reward.

Most people are continually focusing on the immediate benefit. That’s why it’s not overcrowded at the top.



















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